April 30th 2012: I was struck by lightning at 11pm.

My grandaughter Angelica, was 8 inches away from me. She wasn’t hurt, but I was. I took a direct hit in my right shoulder, that exited my right ankle and arched over to my left shin. I had 1st, 2nd, and 3rd degree burns on my legs. I thought at first that I would lose my right leg over this, but through a lot of prayers and great care at home and as well as a great doctor, I’m well on my way to recovery. It hurt like hell. I’ve never felt pain like that. I thought I’d been shot.

I was dozing in my chair with Angelica at my side and not in my lap like she was always prone to doing. One moment asleep, the next awkened by a searing pain in my right ankle, my grandaughter screaming in fright. As soon as I got my wits about me, I grabed her in my arms, she was screeming “Granpa you’re on fire, you’re on fire” and we went falling down the steps with her in my chest. I passed her off to my wife Susan, and yelled we’re on fire, get me the fire extinguisher.

I ran back upstairs, all the while not looking down to my foot, as it was numb, I was afraid to look down. Scared that my foot was gone. When I ran back upstairs, the room was coverd in a particuate matter that was floating in the air, and setteling on everything in the room. I found it hard to breath in this particulate. It wasn’t till then that I pulled the ring on the extinguisher, and aimed it at the base of the fire and squeezed the handle. The fire that was coming out of my ankle, ignited the chair I was sitting in was now burning at the ceiling. The lights went out in the house so we were in total darkness, my grandaughter screaming in total fear and fright, me in shear, and total agony. The scene was chaotic, things were happening so fast.

After the fire was out, I made it back down stairs. Susan was aready seeing to Angelica by the light of a flashlight, trying to console her and making sure she was not burned. I came limping into the room and sat down in a chair that Susan had already had ready for me. The lights came back on at this time and I was finally able to look down at my foot, though I was afraid to. It was then I saw that I had a large hole in the side of my right ankle, and the flesh around it was melted off.


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